About Us

About Us

Founded in Singapore, FYR embodies the country’s character of harmoniously blending East and West through our food.

Named with an ancient spelling of the word “fire”, we grill, sear, and roast our meats with herbs and spices from the region, flavouring Western dishes with a unique Asian twist. Our Josper oven finishes each order with a kiss from the flame, imparting an savoury, smoky aroma from imported lychee wood.

Just as we unite distinct flavours from around the world, FYR aims to serve as a meeting point for families, friends, and strangers alike. Our menu focuses on large sharing platters, grilled meats, and bold flavours which delight the palate and bring joy to our diners.

Apart from casual dining reservations, our outlet in Jalan Besar is also open for corporate and social event bookings. Join us for a good meal and better company!